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This instrument is used for measuring the thickness of non-magnetic coats on magnetic and non magnetic base, such as aluminium, bronze , copper.

The ULTRAMETR series thickness gauges are state-of-the-art, precise instruments using advanced microprocessor-based control systems.

Thickness gauges can be used to measure the thickness of all non magnetic layers, such as:

  • varnish
  • anti-corrosion coats
  • fire-proof covers
  • bituminous mixes
  • plastic sheets
  • other plastic materials
  • wood

  • Metrison Certificate of the Calibration included.

    The "ULTRAMETR" AB400 thickness gauge offers:

  • very high measuring accuracy of coats from 0 to 1999 µm
  • result displayed in µm or mils
  • PC interoperability
  • storage of 1999 results in memory banks
  • measurement statistics
  • ability to label each measurement with its date
  • field and lab work (battery and grid powered)
  • small size and low weight

    THICKNESS GAUGES have industrial and service applications. They are an idea tool for measurements of thickness of protective coats of:

  • steel building structures
  • industrial structures
  • tanks and cisterns
  • pipes
  • boilers
  • ship hulls
  • car bodies

    Technical Datasheet

    Design fit for field work
    Base material type magnetic, non-magnetic
    Coat type non-magnetic
    Measuring ranges I - from 0 to 1999 µm
    II - from 0 to 99.9 mils
    Measuring accuracy
    - from 0 to 1999 µm
    - from 0 to 19.99 mils
    - from 20 to 99.9 mils

    ± 3%, ± 1 µm
    ± 3%, ± 0.02 mils
    ± 3%, ± 0.1 mils
    Minimum dimensions of measured objects
    - flat surfaces not smaller than
      the sensor surface
    - minimum base thickness
    - rools ø 5 x 20 mm
    - rools ø 10 x 20 mm

    0.5 mm
    thickness measurement to 20 µm
    thickness measurement to 200 µm
    Calibration double or triple on additional standards
    Storage capacity 1999 measurements
    ability to set up data banks
    ability to label measurements with date
    measurement statistics (min., average and max. thickness)
    Interoperability with external devices PC interoperability through the RS232C serial interface
    Operating temperature range from -10 º C to 40 º C
    Continuous operation time
    (battery power)
    approx. 10 h
    Power supply two 1.2 V batteries
    External dimensions 150 x 80 x 30 mm
    Weight 0.3 kg


    Additional equipment facilitating work with the METRISON instruments offer top quality and ease of use.

    Transport case for the SONO thickness gauges and ULTRAMETR coat thickness gauges ensures secure transportation and storage.

    Field cases for the SONO thickness gauges, ULTRAMETR coat thickness gauges.
    These sturdy cases provide reliable protection of instruments against mechanical damage and weather conditions.The instrument carried in a case guarantees the operator freedom of movement, and safe work at high altitudes or in other places where special care is required.

    Every case has room for complete accessories of the instrument, i.e., the probe and power supply - charger.